Transforming Our World – Youth and SDGs for 2030

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are international development goals developed by the United Nations. The goal is to cover the dimensions of sustainable development in the economy, society and the environment in an integrated and inclusive model by not leaving anyone behind. This is consistent with the mission and main objective of Samakee Institute to support and promote the development and enhancement of human life in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals to create a peaceful and equitable society. For this reason, Samakee Institute in collaboration with Muslim Studies Center, Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University organizing the “Transforming Our World – Youth and SDGs for 2030” seminar to educate and raise awareness among the young generation about the Sustainable Development Goals in order for the youth to apply knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals in daily life and do projects to develop their school, community and society


Moderator & Panelists

  • To educate and create awareness among young people about the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To be a part of supporting and promoting the development and enhancement of the quality of life of people in the society.
  • To create a network of young people interested in community and social development issues.
  • To build a good connection between educational institutions and other organizations with consistent goals.
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E-certificates will be automatically sent to participants’ emails to those who complete the survey at the end of the webinar.


The winner of the KAHOOT game related to the day’s webinar will be awarded with a KINDLE WHITE PAPER. The winner will be invited to the Samakee Institute office for prize collection in normal circumstances. However, in abnormal situations such as Covid-19, the prize will be shifted to the winner.